Easiest way from HTML color to Flexcel


What would be the easiest way to convert a HTML color, such as 009900, to Flexcel?

Presently, I am using fixed color setting such as:

                    loTFlxFormatDataAlternate.FillPattern.Pattern = FlexCel.Core.TFlxPatternStyle.Solid

                    loTFlxFormatDataAlternate.FillPattern.FgColor = FlexCel.Core.Colors.LightCyan

But, now, I need to support the assignation of the FbColor coming in from a color such as #009900, #FF0000 and #303F30, for example.

you have the class THtmlColors in FlexCel.Core which you can use to convert to and from html colors-

Col = THtmlColors.GetColor(" #009900")


This is very good. This works perfectly.