E2008 error in first use

I first tried the trial install of the gridpack. When it seemed to work ok on my project, I then ordered and downloaded the registered version. The TMS gridpack (gridpacksetupreg.zip) installed ok but when I first tried to compile my project it does not compile because of compile errors in AdvStyleIF.  On line 322 (if (PWideChar(ColorScheme) = 'NormalColor') then) it gives error E2008 Incompatible types. I got a couple more of these and then on line 470 it gives an E2089 Invalid typecast error.

What can I do to solve this problem? My project is rather urgent. I did uninstall the trial version before I installed the registered version.

I then tried the demos. They do not load. When i try to load a project (such as those for demos asg1, asg2, asg4, etc. I get the error unable to load project. Only one top level element is allowed in an XML document.

I am using D2007.


wrt AdvStyleIF : search your hard disk for ALL instances of advstyleif.* and delete ALL old versions / all versions that do not belong to the TMS Grid Pack

wrt demos: delete the .DPROJ file and open the .DPR files with Delphi 2007

Thanks for the quick response!

I searched but no old versions found. Just the one .pas file and 4 others generated from it (.dcu and .hpp) at 9:09 this morning.

I then tried deleting the AdvStringGrid component from my form and then pasting in a new copy in case there was some difference from the trial version. It stopped at a different place. Now in AdvGDIP it says declaration of LoadFromFile differs from previous declaration.

Yes, I tried both the .DPROJ and the .DPR files. Same result.

Is the problem that I had tested my project first with the trial version?  Do i need to start a new project from scratch?


The .DPR  cannot cause a problem wrt XML document as it is not an XML file. Delete the .DPROJ file.

Search also for ALL old GridPack.* files and delete ALL old / trial version files.
With a clean setup of TMS Grid Pack, you should not have any issue.

P.S. When I installed I saw there were other files I could download. However, I just installed the largest one (gridpacksetupreg.zip).  Should I have installed any of the other ones also? The document files seem to duplicated.


No old GRIDPACK.* files I can see. I used a utility that searches the entire volumes.

I tried a demo again with the .dproj file removed. I now get the error AdvStringGrid1.drawingstyle: property DrawingStyle does not exist. Asks me to ignore or cancel. I will cancel.

Looks like a mess. Perhaps uninstall and try again? After the trial i did uninstall and also delete the folders it was installed into. Might other information be left behind by the prior install?

P.S. curious. After that demo ran (with the errors ignored) then my project would compile again! It must have reset some options somewhere. I will see if I can continue my work now - but am still a bit nervous about this software.

Sorry for the prior flames but I have committed to a tight deadline and already had to discard another set of components because they had problems and almost no support.