I am using a TTIWDBAdvWebGrid one of the columns is defined as dyntext. It is calculated based on the value of two other columns. When a row is not in edit mode, dyntext column works correctly.  When in edit mode the dyntext column no longer calculates and more importantly after posting the edits for the current row, dyntext is also not recalculating.  The grid is linked to a master record. When I refresh the master record the dyntext does recalculate.

Why isn't the dyntext recalculated when the row is posted?


Please note that dyn type columns (including ctDynText) are intended to be used in browse mode only.
These column types can't be used in edit mode by design.

So how do I get the table so it is back in browse mode?

Performing a post or cancel if the grid is in edit mode should return it back to browse mode.

Actually I would not recommend using Dyn* type columns when you have an application that can put the grid in edit mode.

Please consider any of these 2 options instead:

- Use a ctNormal column for which the value is manually recalculated if edited grid values are posted.

- Use a combination of ctDynEdit and ctDynText columns which will enable to display dynamically recalculated values. Using this method you won't have to switch between edit and browse mode in the grid although it will require some extra work to get the edited values in the database.

Examples are available in the TMS IW FeaturesDemo application.