Dynamic table and charts

How select data of chart if i have dynamic generate table with <#tags> in template? Fail me!

Referenc is demo in modules 20. Reports/70. Charts. 

My table in excel template:
Time A B C
<#Data.Time> <#Data.A> <#Data.B> <#Data.C>


The first thing to notice is that you need to set 2 rows in the chart data. If you look at the 70.Charts demo, you'll see that the chart data for the first sheet is ='Products by Category'!$A$11:$B$12

It is highly recommended that you create the chart not with <#tags> like <#data.Time>, but with actual data. Say, write in the template:
Time     A     B    C
11:30   A1   B1   C1
11:40  A2   B2   C2

And create a chart with that. Once the chart was created (using 2 rows), go back and replace the line:
11:30   A1   B1   C1
<#Data.Time> <#Data.A> <#Data.B> <#Data.C>

Once you do that, you need to create a __Data__X range (similar to the __Categories__X in the example) covering that line.

That should be all. The only thing that can be problematic, is that sometimes the series/data have to be switched. If you run the the report above and it is still not working, try right clicking in the chart, then "Select Data" and after that press the "Switch Row/Column" button. Save and try again. (but only if it doesn't work at first try).