Dynamic Arrays Vs. Omnipascal

In Delphi / Lazarus I can create, fill a dynamic array and set length in the same operation like the sample I pasted below.
But in VSC with TMSWebCore, it seems that I have to fill the items in the array one by one.
My question is if am doing it wrong or is an OmniPascal issue?

Error in VSC is :
illegal qualifier "." after "array of Integer" [Ln 86:Col 9]

Same code, working in Delphi / Lazarus:
jdintarray = array of integer;
procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
var WA: jdintarray;
WA := jdintarray.create(10,11,12,13);

Is somewhere there a reference for Omnipascal features and so? I know it is a work in progress but could not find any reference online.

The compiler in VSC is 100% identical to the compiler in Delphi / Lazarus.
So, it must be OmniPascal related. We’ll need to contact the author to inquire about this.

Indeed. In Lazarus the same project works when it comes to that code segment.

Is it possible to switch from Omnipascal to FPC in TMSwebcore for VSC? I guess the build scripts would change, but have not the criteria to determine if that could break other things here and there.

Sorry we have not tried FPC and I’m not aware there is an FPC based LSP for Visual Studio Code. There are also path dependencies that are setup via OmniPascal, so a replacement will disturb this.

I agree, it is better to go around these tiny little things. Thanks.