Duplicate symbol error OSx64


latest version of all TMS packages, Delphi 10.4 Sydney.

I am getting the following error when compiling for OSx64 ( Win64 gives no problems) :

[dccosx64 Error] E2597 duplicate symbol ___rsrc_N6RCDATA16tmsflxemptysheetE in:

How can I solve this problem ?

kind regards


It looks like you are linking both "FMX.XlsAdapter" (from FMX pack) and  FMX.TMSFNCXLSAdapter (from FNC Pack).

Make sure to use one or the other, but not both. Search in your sources for both units, and remove the one you aren't using. In Win64 this is no problem because the linker accepts duplicated resources, but in OSX64 it doesn't.
I Adrian,

thanks !

I replaced the XLSAdapter unit in 2 units (where the "search in files in project" indicated) with FlexCel.XlsAdapter
But I still get the error. It is a complex project. Can you give me some hints for which units I have to search in ?


Is it a FNC or a FMX app?

If it is FNC, you should search in your project for FMX.XLSAdapter and remove all uses to that. 
If it is FMX, you should remove all uses FMX.TMSFNCXLSAdapter
Hi Adrian,

It's a FMX app.
If I do a search on TMSFNCXLSAdapter : no matches found.
If I do a search for XLSAdapter , I only find :  Flexcel.XlsAdapater

Can you search for FMX.TMSFNCGridExcelIO  or just excelio

Thanks Adrian, problem solved !