Dropbox denied Production Key

Hi all

We are deeply sad. We tried to put our Dropbox Account to Productive State. For this we had to Review our Program through Dropbox. As answer Dropbox denied to give us a Production Key. Reason:

Your app currently processes the OAuth app authorization flow inside a web view, instead of the system browser. In order to support the Google Sign In flow when signing in to authorize the Dropbox app, your app will need to be updated to use the system browser, in order to comply with Google's policy: https://developers.googleblog.com/2016/08/modernizing-oauth-interactions-in-native-apps.html

What can we do ??

Please set AdvDropBox.UseExternalBrowser = true, then OAuth will run in the user preferred browser on the system and satisfy this DropBox requirement.


Please note that for both TAdvDropBox and TAdvGDrive you can set the ExternalBrowser property to true to use the system browser instead of the embedded one for OAuth.

Hi all

Thank you for your Quick Answer. Now i set the Property to True and have another Problem. My Default Browser (Google Chrome) return with "This Website is not rechable has rejected the Connection". We have, like a few of our customers, a Proxy running. When the Property Externalbrowser=false, it works

Assuming this is caused by your specific Proxy configuration, can you try changing the IP address in the App.CallbackURL value to one that is accessible in your Chrome browser?

Please remember that you'll have to add the new IP address in the Google and/or DropBox Developers Console as well.

Bart Holvoet2017-04-26 09:32:37

Hi Bart

How can i check, which IP Address is accessible ?? Remark that we have customers with different configurations.

This depends on your specific configuration.

Please note that when using the ExternalBrowser function it is required to be able to accept a callback to a local IP address.

I would recommend to have this enabled on the configurations where your application is used.

You might want to try using a different CallBackPort number as well.