DragGripStyle dsDots not working

If I use any DragGripStyle other than dsDots in the AdvToolbarOfficeStyler, I can drag various AdvToolBars around.  When using dsDots, the dots appear in design mode, but they disappear when the app is run, and I cannot drag the toolbars.

If dsDots is selected and I save the app, then close XE6 and reopen it, the setting has changed back to dsNone.  Any other choice saves properly.

Using TMS Component Pack, Delphi XE6, Windows 8.1.

Are you referring to toolbars on a TAdvDockPanel?

What specific style do you use?
With toolbars on a dockpanel, I have retested several styles here and I cannot see such problem.
Can you please provide more details?

TAdvToolBar on a TAdvDockPanel along with TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.  If the TAdvDockPanel is set to use the TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler, the dsDots will not appear on the dock panel when run or or restored in the styler when XE6 is closed and reopened (it returns to dsNone).  The other grip styles do not show this behavior.

The Office Styler is using bsOffice2007Silver.  This appears to have a lot to do with it.  If I use bsWindows7, dsDots works fine.  If I switch it back to bsOffice2007 Silver, or some of the other Office style, the dots go away in the designer.

Hope this helps you duplicate it.

Looks like it is just the bsOffice2007xxxx styles.

As the Office2007* style is a style for a ribbon-type toolbar, it sets DragGripStyle automatically back to dsNone. If you want an Office2007 style for a non-ribbon toolbar, set AdvToolbarOfficeStyler.Style to bsCustom (after having it set to bsOffice2007*)

Understood, but why does it only reset dsDots back to none and not the others?  What I'm saying is, that if I already have it set to an Office 2007 style, then choose a grip style OTHER than dsDots, it runs and the chosen grip style is there and usable.  If I had chosen dsDots, it does not appear because secretly it has been set to dsNone (the property reads dsDots but does not take effect nor gets saved)

I see that switching to an Office2007 style resets the property back to dsNone, but after that I am allowed to set it to anything but dsDots, and it is saved and is usable.

This is not consistent and as such is confusing.  Just saying.

Hope my explanation made sense.

The styler sets for all Office 2007 styles the DragGripStyle to dsNone. 
You can verify this in AdvToolBarStylers.pas

Yes, agreed, setting the style to a 2007 style AFTER you set the grip style, resets the DragGripStyle to dsNone.  I'm referring to the opposite, set the Grip style AFTER setting the style to an office 2007 style.  This is what is inconsistent in regards to dsDots and the other ds grip styles.

1. Set the TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler to a style of bsOffice2007Silver.  The DragGripStyle is reset to dsNone.
2. Set the DragGripStyle to dsSingleLine.  Grip shows in designer, and is usable when you run the app.  Saving the app, closing XE6 and restarting retains the DragGripStyle and Style settings.
3. Now change the DragGripStyle to dsDots.  The designer shows the dots but when you run the app there are no dots and you cannot drag.  This is inconsistent with dsSingleLine in step 2.
4. Saving the app, closing XE6 and restarting, the Grip is now reset to dsNone.  Again, inconsistent with dsSingleLine (others work as well, just not dsDots).

Hope that is clearer.

I see it. It's because dsDots is set as the default DragGripStyle, so, when set to dsDots, this isn't saved to the DFM file. The best is to set Styler.Style to bsCustom as soon as you want to deviate from what's standard for this style.