drag&drop only a cell in TAdvStringGrid

I would like to drag&drop only cells in a TAdvStringGrid. I followed the steps in the developers guide but unfortunaltey it always drags the whole row instead of a single cell. Is there further a possibility to highlight single cells (not the whole row) as in the picture?

So in this example I would like to drag the Cell[2,1] to Cell[1,1].

I set only the options OleDropSource and OleDropTarget to true everything else (ShowCells = true) is set to false in the DragDropSettings.

Thanks in advance.

There is an error indicator, cell highlighting is currently not built-in.
See middle page on demo 28 for TAdvStringGrid

Hi Bruno,

I have already read the same description in the official developer description. It says "Everything under row drag & drop applies to cell drag & drop, except that OleEntireRows, OleRemoveRows and OleInsertRows are set false here." These three options are set to false nevertheless the whole row is moved although I only want to drag & drop one specific cell. Do you have any ideas what causes the problem? Thanks

It must be other settings.
Did you compare with demo 28 middle tab?
First thing to check that comes up is goRowSelect in grid.Options

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