Drag & Drop items in TSectionListBox

Is there an example of Drag & Drop items within a TSectionListBox?  I looked at the demo project and searched the forum, but didn't find anything.

Initially I want to prevent Drag & Drop between sections.  But that might be something we decide to allow in the future.

I'll start working on a test project using ItemAtPos and GetListItemIndex and see where that gets me.  But an example would be greatly appreciated.



You can download a sample here:


Thank you.  That is very helpful and much simpler than the approach we had attempted.

Notes for anyone that may download this:
1) As-is, only compiles with XE2.  Remove the scoping from the units in the uses clause (such as 'Vcl.') for earlier versions.  That's all it took for XE.
2) Drag & Drop not working in the top section until I changed this:

procedure TForm1.SectionListBox1DragDrop(Sender, Source: TObject; X,  Y: Integer);
  if (sectionidx > 0) and (subitemidx >= 0) then

to this:

  if (sectionidx >= 0) and (subitemidx >= 0) then