Drag and Drop to TPictureContainer does not work

Dragging and dropping to the TPicturecontainer from FileExplorer does not work in Delphi 10 Seattle.
When I drag and drop 1 or more files on the Picture Container editor they open in the Delphi IDE behind it. I use the latest version (

We could reproduce this. Somehow the Delphi Seattle & Berlin IDE is intercepting the file drop before our design-time editor can handle it and the Delphi IDE doesn't let the file drop propagate to our editor. Not sure if and how to workaround, it might be difficult but we are researching this.

Great, I hope you will fix it soon.
You might also want to consider the possibility to add more than 1 picture at a time when using the standard (non-drag&drop) method. Adding a huge number of pictures takes an unnecessary amount of time now.