download path to subscription manager

Can you please make it easier to find the download package for "Subscription manager"?
I work in different VMs and change computer more often than a normal developer. Every time I need to install it, I have to search for 1 hour to find the download link. Why not add it to the free tools list?
I know that if you find the down link, you will say that it was easy, and you should have seen it earlier.
This time I could not even find it. What is the path to the installation package?

You can download this from your "My Products" page after login on our website via Account/My Products (if you have a bundle subscription like TMS ALL-ACCESS, TMS VCL Subscription, TMS BIZ, TMS FNC Component Studio

Hi Bruno
I saw the same respond from you in an older post before I write this post. But believe me I still could not find it. I found an EXE file on my other computer, so I am using now. I am just suggesting that you make the more visible.

I logged in using your account and it is the first item I see under "My Products":