Doubt with TTMSFMXWebBrowser

Hi guys , I have a problem with TTMSFMXWebBrowser, My project has 4 TTMSFMXWebBrowser, sometimes when I load a page, the project crash , I see in your notes this   "Please note that only  one instance of the TWebBrowser, TTMSFMXWebBrowser, TTMSFMXWebBrowserPopup or descendants can be used"

what is one instance?   ,   one instance is equal a one component TTMSFMXWebBrowser?


This means that you can use only one TTMSFMXWebBrowser component simultaneously per application.

Just to
double check. You mean I can use several web components on the app  but
only use one at the same time? Or you mean only one web component per
application at all?

You can only use one instance in your application, one single component.

Thank you  Pieter