double clicking component events cause cursor to hide

When I double click events of any component in the IDE cursor is lost (not visible) until I click the source code editor window again.

Windows 10
1920x1080 100% (96 DPI)

Will review it, thanks for the report!

Just a note of my environment, I am working inside VMware and had an other UI issue with IDE, in case they are related, here is my other report.

Thanks in advance

Same issue here. On top of this, the handler code is inserted between implementation keyword and uses list.

Please, can you post a shot of what you see? We will try to reproduce the issue. Thanks!

Here it is. In this case, I doubleclicked the Form1 OnClick. As you can see, the code is put between implementation and uses.

(The doubleslashes were added very, very quickly by me because otherwise my VSC autosafe would lead to a deletion of the handler code. Remember that issue? You said the other day you would think about adding a switch that the cleanup would only take place when compiling, like in Delphi, and not when saving. Remember that?)

Hi Jose,
I just installed the latest version, my problem continues, but I noticed that the cursor blinks one time and disappears (I am not sure if this was the case before)

Just to make sure I have installed vs code on a new pc (not virtual pc) and installed tms.
Same result, cursor not visible in editor when double clicking any event on components or form.