Double click between two rows to autosize like in Excel

Hello, I would like to be able to autosize the height of the row in my TAdvStringGrid when I double-click between two rows (resizing cursor) like in Excel, is this possible?

Thank you.

Set goColSizing = true in grid.Options

It just allow to resize manually, i want it to autosize the height of row, this work for the columns but not for the rows

Sorry, I overlooked you need this for rows. For rows, this is at this moment unfortunately not built-in.

I did it with a flag in OnRowSize set the flag to true and OnEndRowSize set the flag to false.

Next in OnDblClickRow if the flag is true I did AutoSizeRow(ARow-1)

My problem is: the OnEndRowSize seems to never been called, I look for a event that is called when I leave the resize zone to set my flag to false.

We can confirm the next update of TAdvStringGrid will have this feature added.