Does WebStringGrid support OnDrawCell event?


I'm trying to create an OnDrawCell event for TWebStringGrid, but it won't compile. I get an error message saying: [Error] WebStringGridTestUnit.pas(12): identifier not found "TGridDrawState".

I tried a grep through the various source files, and it seems like TGridDrawState only appears in WEBLib.DBCtrls.

Am I doing something wrong, or is OnDrawCell not supported?

Please see my very basic sample attached.

Thank you. (6.5 KB)

Sorry, there is at this moment no support for it.
The TWebStringGrid is a 100% HTML implementation underlying without using the HTML5 Canvas.
If you want custom drawing on a grid in a web application, we recommend to use the TTMSFNCGrid: TMS FNC UI Pack Universal powerful, feature-rich Delphi & C++ Builder UI controls in 1 component set for VCL, FMX, LCL and WEB core apps. Includes grid, planner, treeview, ribbon and rich editor