Does WEB Core support TProc<T> ?

I'm having trouble getting the use of TProc and related things used as parameters in method calls to compile in a WEB Core app.

This is something pas2js transpiler specific. We'll check with the pas2js team.

Do you have a code example with which you experience a problem so we can investigate this?

Yes, I know that. I was asking if it's supposed to be supported.

    procedure Render( aRendering : TRendering;
              aBeforeRenderingCallback : TProc<integer|>=NIL; {block line#}
              aAfterRenderingCallback  : TProc<integer,string>=NIL; {line#, Resp.message -- blank on success}
              aUpdatedBlock : TStringlist=NIL );


Pas2JS Compiler version 2.3.1 [2022/10/11] for Win32 i386 / TMS WEB Core version v2.0.5.0
[Error] uRenderings.pas(257): Expected "," or ">"
Error during compilation
[Fatal Error] Error during compilation

The '|' is NOT there in the code!!! I'm just showing where the IDE put the cursor from the error.

Also, ignore the bold in the parameters, they seem to be due to the string of hyphens.

We will check with the pas2js team