Does this type dialog exist?

I am needing a popup dialog to capture an authorization code.  I need to be able to see if the user accepted or cancelled the box.

If the user entered a text value > '' and clicks the accept button, I will be storing the authorization text they submitted in a SQL database, with another database key and a time stamp.

Are any of the existing dialog options in the TMS Component pack suitable for this?  I thought that the AdvTaskDialog would be, but do not see how to allow the user to provide input.

Perhaps you can consider TAdvInputTaskDialog?

Thanks.  I did not see that on my palette.

Have a great weekend!

How do you identify which button has been clicked?  I don't find a routine like the standard dialog where you can check for mbOK or mbCancel

The .Execute method returns this, i.e. mrOK, mrCancel, ...

Oh, OK.  So I just test

 if AdvInputTaskDialog.Execute = mrOK  then...

Yes, it works perfect.  Thanks.