Does the TFNCTMSBrowser JS bridge work on MacOS?


Please tell me that the JS bridge works on macOS,

there is nothing in your docs that says otherwise. if it is working, then can you please give a small example that confirms that.

I'm testing on macOS Bigsur.
Delphi 10.4.1 with apple patch
TMS FNC UI Latest version.



The bridge works on macOS. We have tested this here. Please take a look at the "Communicating with the application through a JavaScript bridge" chapter explained in the documentation:

Thank you very much

the problem was that we used the bridge signature of Win on Mac.

WebBrowser.GetBridgeCommunicationLayer(BridgeName) +

this line was wrapping that.

please make a note in your docs on BOLD that you need to make sure the JS code is correct for the target problem.

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