Does entity versioning work with 1-to-many


We are trying to solve an issue with a master-detail relationship between two tables.

Assuming I have two tables with a one-to-many relationship: a master and a detail table and that the entities that represent these columns both use Aurelius entity versioning (using the [Version] attribute) and are declared as an association (eager loading).

If a new entity is added to or removed from the child collection, will the master entity version number be automatically be updated even if the other properties are not changed or does the application has to take care of that manually (how?)



Versioning is done at database record level, not entity level. Thus, if record in master table is not modified, it will not be incremented, regardless of other associations (one-to-many or many-to-one). Maybe you are in need of a more high-level version control that is specific to your entity? Probably the built-in versioning system in Aurelius is not the best solution in this case.

Thank you for your answer. I will take it into consideration.