Documentation and Tips & FAQ

function TTMSFNCDefaultEditor.GetVerb(Index: Integer): string;
  case Index of
    0: Result := '&About';
    1: Result := '&Documentation';
    2: Result := '&Tips && FAQ';

Tips & FAQ

the trajectory is not correct

Documentation "/home/...../http:/ No such file or directory"

Tips & FAQ "/home/zeljko/http:/ No such file or directory"

In which  specific circumstances do you encounter this?

right click on the component
click Tips & FAQ

The documentation opens here in the webbrowser without issues. did you change the default opening of PDF files on your system? 

it's not a problem with the opening, it's okay

when i click Tips & FAQ
open the path:  "/home/zeljko/http:/ No such file or directory"

a should :
"http:/ No such file or directory"

no need:  "/home/zeljko/

Yes, we have tested this here, right-clicking the component, clicking on Tips & FAQ it opens the link inside a browser, so it's actually unclear why and how you are getting the error you describe. Please provide a screenshot.

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