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I have two entities: Invoice and items (a list of rows for that invoice). I would like to create  the property TInvoice.Items<TItems>. In the Aurelius documentation I see thaht I can use an Association in the child entity, but I don't know how to do this via DataModeler. I can modify the created source code, but it will get lost when saving again in DM. 

So shortly: In DM, how can I create the Items<TItems> property in the TInvocie entity?

Im quite new to Aurelius+DM, so have this in mind when answering.. :)

Kind regards,

Hi Dino,

Take a look at this documentation topic:

More specifically, the section "Many-Valued Associations Tab".
In summary, you should simply check that you want that many-valued association to be generated. They are disabled by default.