Do the Unicode pack support file input/output ?

Using Delphi 2006, I have a project  which normally reads and write ANSI files, but I need to support also Unicode for same purpose.
So I wonder if there is some support for old fashioned file reading/writing.

I know that I can use Jedi JclWidestring and load the whole file in one part and also write to the same ressource.

But problem is, when processing really big files, program goes out of memory.

So I wonder if the Uhicode pack do support both block reads and single line reads.

I  know  that XE2 do have some new nice classes, but my full  license is only  2005 and there are no funding available to update :-(
(For my work in University I have of course XE2, but academic lisence which cannot be used for ideal work, only for work in my department.)

So XE2 is not an option :-(

In TMS Unicode Component Pack there is a class : TTntStringList that I assume you should be able to use for this purpose?
For just readln/writeln replacements, there is no replacement in TMS Unicode Component Pack.