DLL interface

Now that there is a separate DLL version of Flexcel, are there any plans to make the DLL interface unit available in the main product (I could not see it there in 6.7)?  Since we now have several apps and DLLs which are linked with Flexcel, we mightg be able to lose quite a few megabytes in our installer if we packaged it all in a DLL.  But it would be tedious to create our own interface unit if we could instead adapt an existing one.


The original idea was to launch everything (dll and lib) in one thing, but it proved too complex. Even as it is now, the setup with all the ios/android support and stuff is complex enough. So it made sense to put the dll in a separate thing. It also allows the people who wants only the dll functionality not to pay for the full product, and the people who don't want it not to have to pay for it.

Two points:
1)As said, the interface isn't and won't be included in the main lib: We want to keep the main setup as clean as possible. But I agree that the dll interface is quite tedious to do (I know it first hand), and there is no problem in providing it to you. We have separate products to keep stuff tidy, not to force customers to write their own wrappers.
So just write me to adrian@tmssoftware.com and we'll send you the interface units.

2)Are you really sure you need a dll for sharing FlexCel though products? Delphi allows compiling with packages, and packages (bpl) are just renamed dlls with extra metadata to make them easier to use from Delphi. So just choosing "build with packages" and selecting the FlexCel packages might be the simplest way to avoid linking FlexCel in each app.