Displaying images in 32 and 64 bit app

I observe a curious behavior when my project compiles in 32 or 64 bit regarding the display of images.
When I compile in 64bit, the transparency of the images has disappeared as you can see in the screenshots.



I have copied the toolbar to a new project, and now the display is correct in both 32 and 64bit.
I use the tImageCollection component to centralize the images and a tVirtualImageList to display them in the forms.

These images are in png format, and I use Delphi 10.4.

I have to admit that I'm a bit slow to solve this problem, any ideas?



Is this issue unique to the pictures being used on TAdvGlowButton?
Did you try to use these images in another (standard) VCL control and see their behavior?

Hi Bruno

Thanks for your answer. I tested your proposal, and even it is worth using a standard button in place of advglowbutton, where the image disappeared with a tButton. Notice the display is correct in 32bit.



Notice also, the display of checkBox is different between 32 and 64bit version as well your checkbox (officeCheckBox) as the standard one


PS just to precise. for the advOfficeCheckBox, the property "themed" is checked

Are runtime themes enabled for the Win64 target?

Thanks a lot
that's indeed it, it is not trivial..

So thanks again, because it was not the responsibility of TMS :clap:

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