Displaying Custom GIS data + Selection thereof


I am looking for ideas on how to accomplish the following with Google Map through the use of WebGMaps. If what I am after can't be done using WebGMaps, please advise of that too. Thanks.

1. Access Google Maps API directly.

2. Display own GIS data. For example, streets network, property parcels, green spaces, etc.

3. Enable selection of the features in the own GIS data. For example, if a street network data is displayed (e.g. by superimposing on top of Google Maps), then if the user clicks on a section of a street (a "street segment"), I want this street segment to be "Selected" (i.e. highlighted on the screen).

Thanks much


1. You can use the ExecJScript call to execute custom javascript code to access the Google Maps API.

2. If your GIS data is in the form of a KML file you can display a KML Layer using AddMapKMLLayer call.

3. You can use the OnKMLLayerClick when a KML Layer is active on the map to catch mouse clicks on it. However, there is no built-in functionality to highlight a clicked element of the layer.