Disjunct row select on DBAdvGrid


I've been looking at your demo app ADOSelection to try to
implement disjunct row selection via check boxes on grids. Our
application uses numerous queries built on-the-fly so I can't setup the
columns at design time like your demo, they are added automatically
(AutoCreateCoumns=TRUE) when the query opens. I'm then adding the check
box column using the code below:

  with DBAdvGrid.Columns.Insert(1) do  //column 1: after the DBIndicator

adds the check box column ok, but when I check the box, it updates the
value of the first field (Brand if I use your demo CARS db) to Y or N.
If I add the check box column at the end (ie replace Colums.Insert(1)
with Columns.Add) it works ok.

I'm sure there must be some other
property I need to set to disconnect the column from the first field,
but I can't see what it is! (I've tried FieldName:='', Field.Name:='',

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

As a workaround with the current version, set the dataset active, insert the column, set DBAdvGrid.AutoCreateColumns = false, DBAdvGrid.AutoRemoveColumns = false and toggle DataSet.Active again and this will also fix this in your project.

Thanks for the fix. The workaround works ok too, but some of our queries
are quite complex and toggling Active can in some cases take a while to
execute. Would you be able to send an incremental source update
including the fix?


Hi Steve, the incremental source update should be in your inbox.

Thanks, Nancy.