Disabled AdvGroupBox

we recently upgraded from TMS Component Pack to
We are using Delphi 7

After upgrading there is a different behavior when setting the enabled property of a TAdvGroupBox to false.

Let's say there is an TAdvEdit inside the groupbox:
With the new version, the AdvEdit background and text become grey.
With the old version, the AdvEdit background and text would not change color.

I know I can set the DisabledColor of the AdvEdit to another color than grey but I still get the grey text and our end users do not like this.

Is there a way I can get the old behavior back?


Looking at the AdvGroupBox source code, I managed to find a workaround by setting
AdvGroupBox1.CheckBox.Action := caNone;

I am however not using checkbox on my AdvGroupBox. Shouldn't this parameter only affect the child controls if the checkbox of the AdvGroupBox is visible?


Checkbox.Action applies to both enabling/disabling the groupbox via the checkbox but also programmatically via the Enabled property. By setting Checkbox.Action = caNone, you indeed make sure that controls in the groupbox are not set disabled when the groupbox is set disabled.