Disable TWebStringgrid but controls in the stringgrid are not disabled


I added two checkboxes into cells of a TWebStringGrid. However, when the Enabled property of the TWebStringGrid is set to False , the checkboxes inside it remain clickable.

Here is demo:
41. Disable stringrid.zip (2.1 MB)

Any advice would be helpful!

At this moment, this isn't supported.
If you want to have disabled checkboxes, we will expose a new property
grid.CheckEnabled[col,row]: boolean;
in the next release

That will be very helpful if checkboxes can be disabled using this new property. We look forward to next version.

By the way, a quick question here : do you know if there is simple way to access the control objects, e.g. checkboxes in this case in the string grid?


grid.CellElements[col,row]: TJSHTMLElement
gives you access to the HTML element for the cell.

Thanks Bruno!

Again, we look forward to the new property: grid.CheckEnabled[col,row] in next release. That will be very helpful!

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CheckEnabled property works great.

Thanks Bruno!

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