Disable Context Menu in Controls?

Many TMS controls display default context menus. For example, right clicking on a TSpinEdit brings up a context menu. I have had reports of this crashing my app so I would like to disable the popup. I don't see any properties for disabling this. How can I disable the popups?

I'm not sure what component you refer to. TAdvSpinEdit does not have its own context menu in our code, it is the standard Windows context menu for an EDIT control class that appears. We are not aware of any issues with this context menu. As it is a Windows context menu, it can also not be turned off. Is this unique to TMS edit controls? Did you test this with regular VCL controls? If a problem persists with this and it is uniquely related to TMS controls, please provide some sample source app with which this issue can be reproduced here.

A very quick and easy way to disable a Popup Menu in a control is to drop a new TPopupMenu on the form and name it something like NoPopup and then assign it to the control in question without adding any items to the PopupMenu. When you then right click no menu will appear. Hope that helps...

Thank you for the suggestions. Actually, further testing suggests the instability was in my app, not any particular TMS control.