Disable background error checking


Is it possible to create xlsx file with "disabled background error checking" option.

With Excel this option can be set at "Preferences / Formulas and Lists / Error Checking / Enable background error checking".

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This is not stored in the file, it is an Excel preference. (Sadly Excel mixes its own preferences with preferences that are written in the file, so it isn't simple to know which preferences apply to Excel and which ones to the file).

But we can't store anything in the xls/x file we create that changes that preference. If you create an xlsx file and open it with an Excel that has disabled the background checking, it will have it disabled. If you open the same xlsx file in another Excel with enable background checking, it will be enabled.

What is possible to store in the file is a list of errors to ignore, for that file. This isn't a global Excel preference. But sadly right now while we read and write those values in files, we don't have a public API to change the values. It is something in our todo list.

Thank you!