Different colors for panels in IWOutlookBar?


is it possible to make the selected panel of  an IWOutlookBar, look in a different color ?

for example :
if i have 5 panels in my IWOutlookBar (with items), and i select panel number 2, then to color Panel2 with different colors then the rest of the un-selected panels.
and without changing the colors of the items (or with changing...)

that way, the selected panel/item will be clearer to see

Thank you!


Unfortunately this is currently not supported for the IWOutlookBar control.
Maybe you can have a look at the IWSideNavBar or IWExchangeBar controls (included in the TMS IW Component Pack)? Both controls offer similar functionality as the IWOutlookBar and also have separate color settings for the active panel.

Thank you Bart

those 2 components can be used for what i need.
i really forgot about them...   :)