DetailView assigned panel scroll

I have assigned a panel to DetailView of a TTMSFMXTableViewItem. The panel has more height then the parent TMSFMXTable view height. When I click on the item the full panel is not visible and scroll is not available. How can I enable smooth scroll on the DetailView  assigned panel.


The Panel is automatically client aligned to match the height of the TMSFMXTableView. I suggest to put your panel inside a scrollbox and use the scrollbox as a detailview. Then scrolling can be done inside the scrollbox if the panel is higher than the scrollbox height.

I have tried this but i am trying to avoid the default firemonkey scroll. It would be nice if there is property to keep the height of the panel and inherit the smooth the  scroll

Hello Pieter,

I tried this approach, I have put a bigger(longer) panel with controls onto a TScrollBox
which during designtime then nicely shows scrollbars.
When I set the TScrollBox as DetailView and I activate the DetailView then only a part
of the panel is shown but no scrollbars are visible.
Is there any special property I must set?
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Ok, this one is solved by setting the alignment of the panel containing the controls to alNone.
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Thank you for your feedback, 
It is indeed required to set the alignment to none of the panel inside the scrollbox.