Design-time and runtime (gallery)


In design-time when I change the style of the grid (using gallery) compiler never detects it and I always need to compile manually to see the new grid style in runtime. Else, it shows the previous style in the runtime. I know it's not a big deal but it would save me some time in the future if you could "fix" it? And.. are there any plans to see new styles in the gallery. It would be a refresh...

Kovacevic Zeljko2010-05-29 15:49:45

Is this with the latest version of the component ? If so, what Delphi version do you use ?

We could not reproduce this here so far.
About new styles in the gallery, that is a good suggestion. Is added on the todolist.

I use C++ Builder 2010 and the latest TMS Component pack (grid version
Kovacevic Zeljko2010-05-31 15:37:57