Deployment on Tomcat server

Once your build web Application the how do you deploy that on tomcat server ?

I build the sample Application and  follow the steps as

1. Install Tomcat 8.X server
2. when create WEB Application it Creates TMSWEB folder and holds the required files, copied this folder under Tomcats webapps folder
3. open the port 777 for this server
4 try from bowseer \myserverl:777\TMSWEB  bur gives error 404
5 when try \myserver:777 open the tomcat .. so port is opens

what I am missiing  ?
Its good to have some VIDEO showing how to deploy TMSWEB application on server and  how to registered the application on web server!

Any advise please ?


Any help please !

I have no experience with a tomcat server but TMS WEB Core applications should work on any http server that can serve HTML, JS, CSS files.

The TMS WEB Core application is made up of a HTML application file + HTML form file + JS application file. I would expect that irrespective of this being a TMS WEB Core application, the tomcat server should be able to serve at least the application HTML file and from there, the JS file and start the application this way. If you cannot serve a static HTML file, then there must be something wrong with the setup of your tomcat server.