Delphi XE3 Install Problem

Following the README and copied the tmsdefs and the first dproj won't install.  Returns the following error:

[Error Error] Invalid PLATFORM variable "MCD". PLATFORM must be one of the following: "Win32", "Win64", "Android", "iOSSimulator", "iOSDevice", or "OSX32". If PLATFORM is defined by your system's environment, it must be overridden in the RAD Studio IDE or passed explicitly on the command line to MSBuild; e.g., /p:Platform=Win32.

I just installed Delphi XE3 and Update 1 was included out of the box.  I am running Delphi XE3 on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine.

Found the problem solution on GOOGLE.  Bad PLATFORM environment variable. I removed it. Something to do with Visual Studio which means I will have some problem with another tool but I will deal with that latter.  Everything is now installed properly.