Delphi XE2, VCL.Themes


I tried to use Themes with the Scripter IDE (Pro). If I use them, I get an error "Canvas doesn't allow painting" (Canvas erlaubt kein Zeichnen). If I change the theme to "Windows" everything works.
Is there a setting to avoid this or isn't it possible (at the moment) to use themes?


Hi Stefan,

which exact modifications did you do to make the error happen?

I just changed the vcl.theme from "Windows" to another (given) one.

How exactly are you doing it?

Here i just open the IdePro demo (the main demo which shows the IDE), while in Delphi at design time, I choose menu option Project | Options then Application | Appearance, selected a new style and changed the default style from Windows to Aqua Grafite. It works.