[Delphi] Issues using TTmsFmxGrid's CellControls


I'm using a TmsFmxGrid which contains some custom controls. 

If the controls are on a same row, in adjacent columns, when the last control is hidden by a fixed column using the horizontal scrollbar, an EArgumentOutOfRangeException appears.

I tried this on a simple project, and i got the same issue.

In a new Fmx Project,I just put a TmsFmxGrid on a Form with the next procedure in OnCreate event, and the same exception appears.

procedure TMyForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  with MyTmsFmxGrid do
    CellControls[1,1]:= TPanel.Create(Self);
    CellControls[2,1]:= TPanel.Create(Self);
    CellControls[3,1]:= TPanel.Create(Self);
    CellControls[4,1]:= TPanel.Create(Self);

I'm maybe not using CellControls in a good way.

Sorry if my english is not good.
Thanks for your help.

We traced  & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

That was fast !

I don't know if you tried in the vertical way (I mean with controls in the same column and hidding them whit the vertical scrollbar), but i tried after posting and there is the same exception.

The fix was general, for both horz. & vert. scrolling.

Ok. thanks.