Delphi Dynamic Arrays

Dynamic Arrays is very important to me for use in scripter.

My project is too big, and have many dynamic arrays.
I have many constructions like this:
TMyRec = record
  procedure Method1;
TMyRecAr = array of TMyRec;

I will study the code to try to solve this problem in the scripter.
I have some ideas how this solve in scripter.
Need some universal system functions in scripter (like Delphi, but simplest).
This may works based on RTTI (TRttiDynamicArrayType = class(TRttiType)).
For example:
function Length(var aSomeArray):integer;
procedure SetLength(var aSomeArray; aLength:integer);
procedure GetItem(var aSomeArray; aIndex:integer; var aItem);
procedure SetItem(var aSomeArray; aIndex:integer; var aItem);
Secondary importance:
procedure DeleteItem(var aSomeArray; aIndex:integer);
procedure InsertItem(var aSomeArray; aIndex:integer; var aItem);

Arrays in Scripter are Variant arrays (actually all variables in scripter are variants), so that's what is supported. To use dynamic arrays you have to create wrappers in your Delphi code for that - creating a virtual global indexed property where in the getter and setter you read/write the value of your Delphi array items.

Hi Wagner. I Have solution for working in Scripter with dynamic arrays. Arrays announced in the code and sent to the scripter via RTTI. I implement system functions:

GetItem(X: array; Index : integer)
SetItem(X: array; Index : integer; Item)

The solution passed several tests and bug fixes, but still raw.
The solution was updated to version 7.7
Tell me how can I take You files? E-mail, personal message or post here?

Work with dynamic arrays is built on RTTI. This functions work with arrays of any type. I actively use dynamic arrays of records in the scripter. 

Hi Aleksey, that's interesting, you can send me a direct e-mail, please: wagner at tmssoftware dot com

I send You files.