Delphi 2007 - Error compiling TAdvGridExcelO

I am using Delphi 2007 and encountering the following error when compiling TAdvGridExcelO.

[DCC Error] tmsUXlsRowColEntries.pas(171): F2051 Unit tmsUXlsFormulaParser was compiled with a different version of tmsXlsFormulaMessages.fmStr


Can you verify your library path and ensure that the subfolder XlsAdapter is also included in your library path?


Thanks for the quick assistance. That was it. Compiles now.

Question: Is this included in the documentation? I don't seem to recall seeing it.

Should have been set automatically by the installer.
But perhaps some operation after install in the IDE caused that this path was removed?

Ok, thanks. Don't know what could have changed it though. Hope this thread helps someone else in the future.