Delphi 11.2 "Crashes" on project with TAdvWebbrowser

When using the TAdvWebbrowser in Delphi 11.2 we are experiencing a very annoying problem. Whenever we try to load a saved unit having a tadvwebbrowser Delphi "crashes" and wont load the unit (or hangs on loading).
We tried the latest version 10.8.5 en have D11.2 with the latste patch 1. Also all dll's are in the correct place.(Delphi 11.0 works fine)

Any ideas on what is causing the issue?

  1. Start an new VCL project
  2. Place a TadvWebbrowser on the form
  3. Save all
  4. Close Delphi 11.2
  5. Start Delphi 11.2
  6. Open the project --> "crash"


We are aware of this issue and are currently looking for a solution, it's related to VCL styles, please disable this in the IDE, or set DesigntimeEnabled to False on TAdvWebBrowser

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