Delphi 10 Seattle

Hello Adrian

Any timetable for Flexcel package supporting latest Delphi?


It will be this week.

We are running into (a lot of) bugs in the High DPI support in both VCL and Firemonkey, and are looking to ways to workaround them. It is hard to predict exactly, but it might take a couple of days more to make sure everything works as expected. 

Sorry for the delays, but we prefer to wait and release something that has actually been tested with the new features (specially high dpi) and not just recompile and publish whatever we get.


These couple of days won't matter, quality will...


I concur, would rather wait, cannot compromise on quality :-)

Thanks to both :)  

The final build is already running right now, and I think all detected issues with seattle have been resolved. And all the more than 50 demos have been adapted to support high dpi, I think they look great.

Once the build ends in a couple of hours I will upload them and they should be available to everybody.

Please let us know when you release it as we are also waiting for 10 Seattle compatibility.


It is already released, just go to the website and get it.