Delphi 10.1 Berlin crashes + colours

I just updated to the latest version of TMS Component pack. I have Delphi 10.1 Berlin Enterprise.
first thing I noticed was that all panels and group boxes (standard
components) I have put on  TAdvOfficePage turns black, I had to set the
"ParentBackGround" to false to get the colour back. This would have been
ok if I have just a couple of screens in my app, but I have more than
one hundred and I use the TAdvOfficepager with tabs (TAdvOfficePage) in
most of my screens. Frames also turns black when put on a TAdvOfficepage
and the worst thing is that when I try to open one of my frames with a
TAdvStringgrid + some glowbuttons after the update (it worked earlier
today), Delphi crashes.
I updated using the subscription manager, I
also tried to download the component pack from "My products" after I got
problems, but I get an error message telling me I have downloaded too
many times today. Any help would been appreciated.

We contacted you by direct email with an incremental source update for TAdvOfficePager so you can test if this addresses the issue you see.

Thank you TMS, you solved both my problems.