Defect in Merging Cells


Is <#merge range(A1:C1)> supposed to only merge B1:C1?  if not, there's a defect.
I'm trying to take the "Merge Similar Values" concept and convert it to work with columns instead of rows, and it always errors.  When it came down to it, i tested this and it didn't merge the cells right.  If you do <#merge range(A1:B1)> nothing happens.
Also, if someone can figure out a way to merge columns with the same content, please post the info.

Can you send me a simple app that shows this? ( )

 I tried it here with the "Generic Reports" demo, removed the include and wrote <#merge range(a1:c1)> in A6.
As expected A1 to C1 were merged in the result.

About merging columns with same content, can't this be done at the data level, that is merging the columns in the dataset/collection before running the report?