Decorate map with source indication, scale line, north arrow

I'd like to
A. show the typical source reference indication in the right bottom corner of the map.
B. offer the option to display a scale line like Scale Line
C. offer the option to display a 'north arrow' indication the orientation of the map.

Is there any built-in support for any of these?
If not, I would be super grateful for an advice around the approach. I assume I would have to provide custom css, js, html for that, but am not sure how I would approach it most appropriately after a first research.

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for your suggestions.
The source reference and scale line are already available in TMSFNCGoogleMaps but I'm assuming you are referring to TTMSFNCOpenLayers here.
We'll have to investigate if these features can be added for TTMSFNCOpenLayers in a future version of TMS FNC Maps.