DBPlanner - scrollbar


On a form (D7), a DBPlanner SideBar.Position = sbTop, SideBarPosition= sbTop and a DBDaysSource/mode=dmMutiresource. The NumberOfResources= 4. There are many more "resources" defined in the ResourceDataSource.

The ScrollBars property is set with ssBoth (the only choice possible). But no scrollbars (places exist on the right side) are visible. It is not possible to view the others resources. The down arrow key shouild "shift" the actual resource to the top and allows to see the next.

How can I do ?

With the SideBar.Position = sbLeft, it is too possible to go to prev/next day (in this case) thanks to the navigator buttons in each side of the planner header. Apparently ther are places to display it.

Thanks for the help,



Try to set Planner.PositionWidth to a value > 0, otherwise, it will perform autosizing of the resource positions to fit in the Planner.

Thanks for the tips ! It works.