DBPlanner: problems with MS Access

I am having some odd problems using TDBPlanner with MS Access. I use Zeoslib with ADO to connect to the .accdb file. When I attempt to add an event, there is a key violation error. What it is doing is adding a record when the event is first created and trying to add another record after changes are made to the event instead of editing the original record. If I make the Key field nullable I get no error but two records instead of one.

Also, in the StartTime and EndTime fields it's only adding the date not the date and time. When I switch to SQLite everything works fine. Any ideas as to what is going on here?

Sorry, we do not have experience with the Zeoslib. What DBxxxSource do you use? What keyfield type do you use? 
Did you try to connect with a TADOTable and the Microsoft Jet OLE DB driver?

I use a DBDaySource and the default GUID keyfield. I tried using TADOTable and get the same problem. It's something to do with changing the table filter in DBDaySource.OnSetFilter because when that code is removed, the record is added just fine.

OK this appears to be completely an Access issue. It has very sensitive filters. Adding extra brackets around the boolean comparisons appears to have resolved this. Before, the filter was failing and throwing out the newly created record from the filtered results.

Ok, thanks for informing.