DBPlanner Multiresource View, Scrollbox for Items

We're using the dbplanner to show infos for different resources, if the number of items is more than X
and the height of the resource-region is not enoug, we can't see anything from the item .. at least there should be the caption visible.

Can you make it possible, that we can define a Minimum-Height for a Item and also
if the minimum-heights of all items in a region/day there should be a scrollbox in that region or any other functionality to view all items at least with their caption, so the user can select one or move it from i.e. All Items List to the needed resource per Drag-Drop ...

Thanks a lot

There is currently not a built-in option to automatically add a scrollbar inside a day.

You typically need to increase the size of the time-slot. You could do this with Planner.PositionAutoSize. Then it will automatically adapt the size of the slot to the nr. of items in the slot.

but we need to show a predifined count of resources at the same time on the display! if you set autosize to true, then it adapt the size of the slot but then we have only 1 or 2 resources visible on one page