DBPlanner and PlannerWaitList

I'm trying to use a TPlannerWaitList with a TDBPlanner but on dragging an item from the planner to the waitlist nothing happens. According to the manual it should automatically move the item into the waitlist. Am I missing something?

Did you have a look at demo 11 in the Planner demos collection?
Use Ctrl-Drag to drag an item from the Planner to the WaitList.

Yes I saw that and that demo works. In my app though using Ctrl does not move the item to the waitlist. I can drag from waitlist to planner but not the other way around. I tried copying and pasting the waitlist from the demo to my app in case some obscure setting was different but the problem persists. Maybe it only works with planner not dbplanner? I tried copying the waitlist to Demo16 and it also didn't work there.

I could not see a problem when replacing TPlanner by a TDBPlanner in sample 11.
Test app can be downloaded here:


Ugh. DBPlanner.DragItem was set false in my app. Setting to true as the manual says makes it work.