DBGrid title underlined

The column headers in a DBAdvWebGrid always appear underlined. The ColumnHeader.Font property does not have underlining set. Is it another property that controls this behaviour? How do I turn the underlining off.


You can set the Columns[].ColumnHeaderClick to false, which is enabled by default, to remove the underlining.

So if I want to use the OnClick event, I must have the underlined font?

Yes this behavior is by design, because the column header text is rendered as a hyperlink which is underlined by default.

As a workaround you could add a TIWClientCode control to add the required CSS to remove the underlining.


(Where "TIWDBADVWEBGRID1" is the ID of the IWAdvWebGrid control in uppercase)

Thanks. That works fine.

Is there a suggestion for being able to set the style for a link in one particular column?  For example, if I want the column header sort option to have the underline but a specific column in a different font and not show the underline style.  The cell class does not apply to the link itself just the cell of course and the cell has a unique id but based on the row and column... would be nice to be able to override the style for the contents of a cell.

You can apply CSS to a link in a header cell or grid cell like this:

/* Header Cell /

#G0CHX a
/ style /

/ Grid Cell /
#G0cXrY a
/ style */

(Where "G0" is the ID property value of the IWAdvWebGrid control, X is the column index and Y is the row index.)

I understand, however that has to be done for each an every cell.  Would be 'nice' to apply one style for the whole column (at least for the DB grid).

There is currently unfortunately not an easy way to do this with one style for all cells in a column.
Some users will want this for an entire row, some for an entire column and maybe others for some rectangle and it's not really possible to come up with a naming scheme that will satisfy all these cases. Alternatively, you can customize appearance with the event OnGetCellProp.